“VI Peel Like a Pro”
Application Tips & Tricks

Anyone can apply a chemical peel, but how you apply the VI Peel will impact the overall result.  From the patient cleansing to the gauze saturation, each step has an effect.

  • Glove up – practitioners should wear gloves at all times.  From the cleansing and prep to the peel application.  Nitrile gloves are recommended.
  • Cleanse & Prep – make sure to cleanse the skin 2 times with cleanser, then use the acetone prep pad.
    • The Acetone Prep pad will remove any residual surface oils, makeup, and dirt.  The skin should look very matte with a whitish hue this will assure the peel absorption is spot on.
    • Practices should keep Pure Acetone on hand in case the patient needs a secondary prep.  Pure 100% Acetone is also called Optical Grade Acetone.
  • Preparing the peel solution – will vary based on peel used and needs to be done away from the patient.  A countertop is preferred.
    • Opening the core vial – contents are under pressure to caution needs to be taken.  Pull the ring, twist off the metal surround while holding the vial away from yourself.  Hold the rubber stopper and gently pop it away from you.
    • Pour the solution into the plastic cup provided, add boosters as needed and gently stir with the tip of the booster.
  • Preparing the gauze – Fold 2×2 gauze in half, gently saturate and squeeze out excess.  Remember 4+ passes should be administered.
  • Applying solution – use light-medium pressure on the first pass to assess skin response, subsequent passes will need to be medium-firm pressure.
    • Begin with the forehead, move to right cheek, right neck, left neck, left cheek, chin, upper lip and nose.
    • Observe skin response, assure peel has absorbed (60seconds), and assess patient pain level.
    • Continue layering and assessing skin response.
  • Allow time for layers to fully absorb between passes, if it is taking longer than 2 minutes your gauze is too wet.
  • Be consistent with your application pattern, this will ease patient apprehension
  • Be consistent with your gauze saturation and application technique, this will assure even distribution of solution.
  • Use all the solution unless the patient has excessive redness or frosting.

Key Take-Aways:  Be consistent!  Prepare the skin thoroughly, apply correct pressure, follow a pattern for application and always observe the skin.

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