Gary Lask, Marya Khalil, Farah Khalil

Executive Team

  • Marya Khalil
    Marya KhalilPresident and CEO

    Not only is Marya Dr. Kalil’s eldest daughter, she is the first person to ever receive the VI Peel. Her struggle with acne is what first inspired Dr. Kalil to begin his revolutionary journey into chemical peels. Marya first started working with her father in 2008 at his private aesthetic practice in Miami Beach, The Vitality Institute. There, she witnessed how the VI Peel could truly transform patients’ skin. In 2010, she moved to Los Angeles to work in the corporate headquarters. In 2013, after the passing of Dr. Kalil, she became the President and CEO of VI Aesthetics.  Nothing makes her happier than being able to make someone feel more confident in their own skin, and with the VI Peel all it takes is 7 days! Marya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Cinema Studies from New York University.

  • Farah Khalil
      Farah KhalilChief Compliance Officer

      Farah, Dr. Kalil’s middle daughter, followed in her sister’s footsteps by receiving one of the first VI Peels ever made. Farah initially came to work with the VI team as the Financial Director in 2010 after earning her Bachelors in Economics from the University of Miami. After taking time off to get her legal degree from Southwestern University, Farah rejoined the company in 2014 as the Chief Compliance Officer.

      Now Farah ensures that VI’s products are as safe and effective as possible so that VI can continue to provide patients all over the world with their best and most confident skin ever!