“The 5 Minute Assessment”
Patient Assessment Key Areas

When assessing a patient for VI Peel several areas should be examined to assure best patient outcomes.  Take an extra 5 minutes in the beginning and greatly reduce side effects while simultaneously guaranteeing patient satisfaction.

  • Informed Consent – your patient’s signature indicates they understand the risks, benefits and alternative treatments.  We recommend retaining the original copy and having them initial on each subsequent visit.
  • Health History – Vital for you to accurately assess and treat your patient. Below are the key areas to screen for the VI Peel
    • Medical Condition – Diabetes, Herpes Simplex, Immune issues, delays in healing
    • Allergies – ASA, HQ, Phenol
    • Previous Cosmetic Treatments – and how long ago
    • Physical Assessment – as practitioners, your physical assessment, is the most important step in determining the best treatment option for the patient.
      • What is their Fitzpatrick Skin Type?
      • What is their score on Acne, Rosacea, Melasma or Glogau Scales?
      • What is their Hydration Status – physical assessment or Wood’s Lamp?
      • Don’t forget before Photographs via Visia or handheld Camera!
    • Patient Engagement – engage patient’s early in the treatment process 
      • Lifestyle – know your patient’s lifestyle.  Are they mostly indoors or outdoors, do they attend their children’s soccer games, do they have vacations planned.
      • Treatment needs – patient’s need to know early on how many treatments they will need, what the treatment intervals are, and what the aftercare entails.
      • Patient Goals – setting goals at the start of the treatments will make sure patients are satisfied and know what to expect in terms of results.

Key Take-Aways: When you take the time to know your patient and their skin you can assure the patient has the best results with the least risk.  Happy patients keep coming back.

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