Practitioner Highlight: Sonata Laser Aesthetics – Broomfield, Colorado

Sonata Laser Aesthetics:

“Reflect Your Best” with Beautiful, Natural Results

Sonata Aesthetics, located in Broomfield, has developed an outstanding reputation throughout the state of Colorado by offering cutting-edge non-invasive procedures in a caring and compassionate environment. All of their services are non-surgical with limited to no downtime and are designed to help their patients “reflect your best” with beautiful, natural results. Sonata Laser Aesthetics offers several VI Peels, which are popular among their patients and staff members alike.  We had the opportunity to interview the team on their experience using the VI Peel in their practice:

VI:  Tell us what makes your practice unique and why you choose VI Peel for your patients.

SLA:  At Sonata, we lead with our mission which is to empower our clients to live confidently and to reflect on the outside how they feel in the inside. The VI Peel is a great choice for us because as an office that prioritizes outcomes and results, the VI Peel allows us to deliver tangible results for our clients. We use it to tame acne, lighten pigment, and for overall skin health. It is by far our most popular peel.

VI:  What is the most common skin concern among your patients? What are your top tips for patients with this concern?

SLA:  Age-related issues – from sun damage to fine lines. We also have a loyal following of younger clientele looking to clear up acne.

We start every patient with a complete educational consult and a VISIA image of their skin – which allows us to draft a holistic and complete skin care plan that utilizes everything from Dr. Janowski’s advanced surgical skills to our master aestheticians’ tools, and a home skin care regimen.

VI:  Do you currently combine the VI Peel with other treatments? If so, which combination of treatments do you see the best results with?

SLA:  We often do a series of VI Peels, and will sometimes do microderms a few weeks after a peel to really allow the skin to shine. We also recommend pre and post-treating with at home skin care.

VI:  What is your most memorable VI Peel patient transformation story?

SLA:  We’ve had patients remove nearly all visible pigmentary sun damage with just 1-2 VI Peels. We also have had tremendous success with managing and clearing up acne, with VI Peel Purify, allowing the patient to radiate confidence.

VI:  What is your #1 tip for overall skin health that you share with your patients?

SLA:  That 90% of your skin regimen is what you do at home – and starts with prevention – from using sunscreen regularly and correctly – to regular Tretinoin usage. We also draft comprehensive long-term plans of services that people can do in our office to help them feel their best. Overall, it’s about harnessing your own confidence and living the life you want to live. We can just help you feel your best doing it!

Dr. Lawrence Janowski is the medical director and President of Sonata.

Laura Glenn is the lead master medical aesthetician at Sonata.











Sonata Aesthetics offers skin rejuvenation options to their patients in Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield.  Sonata Aesthetics offers personalized recommendations through a consultation with their Master Aesthetician, Laurel Glenn. To set up your VI Peel consultation, please call 303-951-4028 or email Sonata Aesthetics.

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