Practitioner Highlight: La Nouvelle Medical Spa – Oxnard, CA

La Nouvelle Medical Spa:

Southern California Vibe with Serious Results!

Located just an hour north of Los Angeles, La Nouvelle Medical Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Liposuction and Vaginal Rejuvenation offers a wide range of procedures as well as several cosmetic services and is found inside St. John’s Medical Hospital.  La Nouvelle Medical Spa invites patients to turn their medical visit into a little escape and stroll along uncrowded pristine beaches, enjoy the sunsets and watch the dolphins frolicking in the surf.

La Nouvelle’s surgeries are performed in their outpatient surgical suite, accredited by the Institute of Medical Quality. Other cosmetic procedures and treatments are performed in several rooms of their medical spa, including the VI Peel!  We had the chance to interview the La Nouvelle team about their experience using the VI Peel in their medical spa, as well as some of their top tips for skin health:

VI:  Tell us what makes your practice unique and why you choose VI Peel for your patients.

LNMS:  What makes us different from other practices is that we are a very handheld spa for our patients. Our patients know they can call or come in the office for any questions or concerns they may have. We can always rely on VI Peel to help our patients with stubborn acne, pigmentation or help with those fine lines and wrinkles.

VI:  What is the most common skin concern among your patients? What are your top tips for patients with this concern?

LNMS:  Our most common skin concern is hyper-pigmentation. We always have them do a series of VI Peels with a combination of a microdermabrasion or laser a couple weeks after each peel. Top Tip * WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!

VI:  Do you currently combine the VI Peel with other treatments? If so, which combination of treatments do you see the best results with?

LNMS:  Depending if we’re treating pigmentation or acne, we have some patients do a series of laser genesis, microdermabrasion or IPL treatments before and after VI Peel treatments. Also, start them with products on to pre-treat the skin before.

VI:  What is your most memorable VI Peel patient transformation story?

LNMS:  Our most memorable transformation patient is one of our favorite patients, Paola (23 years old). She came in with severe active acne using everything from over the counter products, even antibiotics from her dermatologist. She had tried everything before coming to us. She wanted to start something that was really going to work and help her clear her skin without leaving any acne scars behind. We started her with our private label acne kit, lasers and a series of VI Peel Purify. She has one of the best results we had ever imagined.

VI:  What is your #1 tip for overall skin health that you share with your patients?

LNMS:  We always tell our patient to maintain a good healthy lifestyle, and most importantly on a good skin regime and monthly facials and always, always, always wear your sunscreen!!



The staff at La Nouvelle Medical Spa includes Dr. Hanna and his wonderful team of well-trained specialists.  The La Nouvelle team believe that their clients deserve the safest, fastest and most effective treatments available, which is why their team is constantly evaluating new procedures to ensure the best results and best value for their clients.   Dr. Antoine Hanna, MD specializes in facial fillers, body sculpting, breast augmentation and vein removal treatments. Dr. Hanna is the founder and Medical Director of La Nouvelle Medical Spa in Oxnard, California. He has been practicing in Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo for over 25 years.

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