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Featuring Brittany Davis, RN

With four locations throughout the Houston area, Houston Skin Associates offers a wide range of medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology services as well as Mohs surgery, skin care products and clinical research studies with an emphasis on patient care and satisfaction.  With a blend of both medical and cosmetic services, Houston Skin Associates’ patients are in great hands with licensed estheticians and medical aestheticians, as they work closely with board-certified dermatologists and seek to provide the best care possible. We had the chance to interview Brittany Davis, RN (who does several aesthetic treatments including VI Peel) about her experience using the VI Peel with her patients and the results she has been able to achieve with combination therapies.

VI:  Tell us what makes your practice unique and why you choose VI Peel for your patients.

BD:  Our practice is unique because we are able to offer our patients comprehensive care for all skin concerns, not just cosmetic issues. Since we have multiple physicians available each day, our patients are able to have their medical and cosmetic skin concerns addressed simultaneously during the same appointment, which helps ensure our patients are taking a proactive approach to their overall skin health.

I choose VI for several reasons. Number one is the consistency of results. Patients put their trust in us to guide them in the right direction when it comes to doing what’s best for their skin. I feel confident when recommending VI Peels to my patients because of the amazing transformations I have seen. Another reason I choose VI is because it takes the guesswork out for patients. Whether it’s a patients’ first cosmetic procedure or someone who has had many, no one wants to have a procedure done and be unsure of what to do when they get home. The VI Peel comes with everything the patient will need for those first critical days after having a peel. I also love that it comes with a detailed, step-by-step instruction booklet for them to refer to at home after we review it together in office.

VI:  What is the most common skin concern among your patients? What are your top tips for patients with this concern?

BD:  Living in Houston and near the coast, many of our patients are seeing the effects of years of “fun in the sun”. Mainly in the form of skin discoloration and premature wrinkles. I try to be realistic with these patients. Clearly, I can’t expect them to sell their boats and stay indoors all day! Instead, I try to give them ideas on how they can best protect themselves when spending time in the sun. Most importantly, this of course starts with sunscreen. I always reiterate that an SPF 30+ should be used every day, regardless of if it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, hot, cold, etc., and it should be reapplied regularly. I also try to make my patients aware of the unintentional sun exposure we all get. During initial consultations, many times patients will complain of discolorations and point to the left side of their face. I then explain to them that their left side is their “driving side”, and that their daily commute can contribute to these discolorations. I think it really helps to solidify in patients minds the need for proper skin protection. I’m also a huge fan of antioxidants both for myself and my patients. The protective and rejuvenating benefits of antioxidants are monumental and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s skin care regimen.

VI:  Do you currently combine the VI Peel with other treatments? If so, which combination of treatments do you see the best results with?

BD:  I really like to combine the VI Peel with microdermabrasion or derma planning. That initial exfoliation treatment really boosts the peels’ ability to penetrate the skin and enhances the overall results.

VI:  What is your most memorable VI Peel patient transformation story?

BD:  I’ve had several! The one that really made me a believer in the VI Peel was not long after I started working for this practice. It was a teenage boy with severe PIH on his cheeks who was still struggling with active acne. I remember when he came in with his parents for a consultation, he was reserved and shy, and I think overall embarrassed of his skin. His parents were worried about how his acne had affected his self-esteem, not to mention how hard being a high school kid with acne is. We did a series of 3 VI Purify treatments spaced 4-6 weeks between each treatment. The results he had were just incredible! His PIH had faded to being almost nonexistent and his breakouts were under control. The best part was the change it made in his personality. He went from shy to outgoing, from quiet to being someone who didn’t feel like they had to hide because of the way their skin looked. I have kept in touch with this patient and he has maintained his results by following a proper skin care regimen and having 1-2 peels per year.

VI:  What is your #1 tip for overall skin health that you share with your patients?

BD:  Prevention is always easier than correction! Start taking care of your skin early by using an SPF daily and following a good skin care regimen. If you weren’t too kind to your skin earlier in life, it’s never too late to start!

Brittany Davis, RN


Houston Skin Associates has four locations around the Greater Houston area: Clear Lake, Museum District, Cypress, and Pearland. Houston Skin Associates invites you to schedule an appointment online or contact the office directly with any questions you may have.

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