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Located in Port St. Lucie Florida, Healthy Results is the primary medical practice of Dr. Dana Dameron, a board certified DO, specializing in internal medicine for both adults and children.  A primary medical care provider that also offers mental health services and wellness coaching, Healthy Results features a variety of services that are able to address patients from 8 years of age to those in their golden years.  Among a broad spectrum of mental health services, wellness coaching and hypnosis, Health Results offers the VI Peel and VI Derm line as their core skin health choice for their patients.  We had the chance to interview Erica Gonzales, RMA on her experience with the VI Peel and VI Derm skincare as the lead medical assistant and aesthetician at Health Results.

When it comes to services, Healthy Results has found their niche by offering multiple services for mind, body and skin health.  According to Erica, due to the high sun exposure in South Florida, several Healthy Results patients experience signs of sun damage and are looking to correct it.  Healthy Results patients’ top concerns include anti-aging and sun damage, and as a result VI Peel and VI Derm quickly became their medical-grade choice for addressing such client concerns.  Erica encourages patients with pigmentation concerns to first start on home care products, specifically VI Derm Cleanser and Ultra A. In her experience, this tends to work well for patients who prefer a minimalist approach to skin care.  From there, she will begin patients on a series of three VI Peels and introduce VI Derm HQ Plus and HQ Free in-between peels.  She is sure to stress that SPF is the most important part of any skin care regimen, especially being located in Southern Florida where protection and prevention is key!

Because Healthy Results sees patients every 90 days, Erica said that this schedule is perfect for their patients to add a seasonal VI Peel to their visit.    While a series of VI Peels has been Erica’s top suggestion for aging and hyperpigmentation, she has also seen beautiful transformations from a single VI Peel treatment.  One story, in particular, remains to be her most memorable.  Erica recalls “one of our patients was highly apprehensive for her first-time peel, so we decided to give her an original VI Peel to start. We did not pre-treat her skin with lighteners and even though she had pigmentation from previous breakouts the VI Peel took everything away after just one session!  Now her skin is glowing and she is a beaming ray of light – all she needed was one treatment.   I added her before and after photos to my Facebook page and have received so many new patients off of her results!  It’s incredibly rewarding to make such a change in my patients’ skin and confidence.”

Erica’s beautiful patient after 1 VI Peel:




Erica Gonzalez, RMA



Healthy Results offers a complete range of minimally invasive procedures that will make you look and feel younger, more energetic and refreshed. The years aren’t always as kind to our faces and bodies as we might like, but the team at Healthy Results can help undo most of the damage caused by Mother Nature. Dr. Dameron creates a personalized plan with you during your private consultation, putting his years of experience and additional training in aesthetic medicine to work in helping you create a new “you”. And the best part is that nobody will know you’ve had “work” done, but will definitely notice a difference in how youthful you look.  To schedule an appointment with Healthy Results, click here.

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