I Woke Up Like This

Since queen Bey first spoke the words, “ I woke up like this,” women have been searching for different ways to achieve a radiant complexion after a night’s sleep. The secret to flawless skin first thing in the morning isn’t a one product kind of deal, it’s calls for a well put together plan. Find out our favorite tips and tricks that will finally have you saying, #Iwokeuplikethis”.

Get enough beauty sleep

Getting 7-9 hours of shut eye can do wonders for your skin, not to mention some good ‘ole quality beauty sleep has many other amazing health benefits. For starters, sleeping slows down the aging process of your skin. How is this possible you may ask? Well, even when you’re catching some “Zzz’s”, your body is still very busy working. First, your body is producing a great amount of growth hormones, which helps with tissue and cellular repair. Next, your body is making new collagen and protein that keeps the elasticity of the skin healthy and strong. Rehydration is another welcomed wonder that occurs during your slumber making fine lines and wrinkles less visible and giving your skin a healthy glow. Seems to us that while we might be taking it easy while our bodies are still working hard for us.


Caucasian woman sleeping in bed

Wake up and get a drink! Of water that is…

After your night of beauty sleep, it’s time to get up and give your body a well-deserved  drink of H20. Having a glass of water first thing in the morning promotes healthy blood flow and wakes up the rest of your body.  Making sure that your body stays hydrated is critical for healthy skin. It’s also a great way to get rid of toxins (how’s that for a perk)! We like keeping a water bottle on our nightstand so it’s easy to grab first thing in the morning to get our day started.


Get your Vitamin C

We all know a cup of OJ in the morning is a great way to get a boost of energy, same holds true for your skin. Getting a Vitamin C product on your skin is just as important as getting it into your body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production and will help you get a radiant glow throughout the day. Do your skin a solid and try the VI Derm Vitamin C Gel.


Brr take the plunge!

 Raise your hand if you struggle with frustrating large pores! The reality is so many of us do but there’s an easy at-home, no frills remedy you can start doing to shrink those unwanted little spots on your face, at least temporarily. Spend a few seconds in an ice bath, immerse your face in icy water or glide an ice cube across your face to ease everything from breakouts, fine line and wrinkles, enlarged pores to excess oil. If it works for supermodels like Kate Moss, it worth giving it a try.


You are what you eat

Everyone is familiar with the well known adage you are what you eat. Well it’s time to put those words into practice. Starting your day off with a great breakfast can help your skin look radiant and be healthy. We recommend incorporating foods like dairy, whole grains, berries and green tea into your diet. These foods and drinks are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that help fight off free radicals,skin damage and fine lines and wrinkles all while promoting healthy cell membranes and elasticity.  Remember to eat breakfast daily and never forget beautiful skin starts from within!


Healthy breakfast. Bowl of yogurt with granola and berries

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