Get Rid of that Sun Damage

Summer is the perfect time for being outdoors, soaking in rays at the beach, on a beautiful hike or lounging at the park. Whatever activities you spent your summer doing, chances are you were out in the sun for a pretty good amount of time and didn’t always apply sun screen more than once (oops!). Now that summer’s winding down, and you’re looking in the mirror reflecting on all those warm sunny days, chances are you’re also noticing a few extra dark spots on your face (oh no!). What can you do about it now? Well, we have a few tips on getting rid of stubborn sun damage. Let the memories of Summer 2015 stay but those spots have got to go!

Use Products with Hydroquinone
Hydroquinone reduces sun spots and uneven pigmentation. Using products with hydroquinone will help the skin get rid of unwanted pigmentation by pushing these skin cells to the surface and then flaking off leaving you with radiant, healthy skin. We recommend not using Hydroquinone for longer than a six month period.
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Use Products with Tretinoin (Retin A)

Tretinoin primarily has two functions; it reduces the buildup of dead cells in and on the skin by exfoliating the skin and speeds up the skin cells cycle which stimulates collagen. This process promotes the growth of healthy cells. The skin will be particularly sensitive and tretinoin should be used at night only with SPF 50+ during the day.

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*Use at night*




Combat Sun Damage with the Perfect Pair of Products

Some sun damage is more stubborn than other sun damage. Using certain products together to combat pigmentation is a great way to get results you want. Hydroquinone and retinoic acid together make for an effective combo in reducing sun damage by aggressively exfoliating the skin.

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Prevent and Treat

If you aren’t really seeing dark spots or sun damage on your face, but you know you’ve skipped out on SPF more than a few times the use of certain products can help prevent and treat any non visible pigmentation. Retinol much like Tretinoin is made from vitamin A and promotes faster skin cell turnover and stimulates collagen while suppressing pigmentation.

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Use Topical Antioxidants

Antioxidants have the power to penetrate, repair the skin and limit the production of free radicals, which are damaging to skin cells. Antioxidants also reducing the signs of aging by keeping your skin healthy.

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Get a Chemical Peel

Chemicals peels are a great way to get rid of sun damage with rapid results. Chemical peels act as an exfoliator pushing all impurities to the surface and flake off leaving you with a new refreshed layer of skin. Not only will chemical peels help you with pigmentation, but they will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin for a more youthful appearance.

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