“Fear Not: The Facial Piercing”
How To Peel Patients with Facial Piercings

Beyond Aesthetics, Camarillo CA

It’s quite likely that you will have clients in your practice who have piercings.   From the nose to forehead piercings to cheek piercings, know how to safely administer the VI Peel.

Keep in mind a few variables before initiating your treatment: what is the patient’s sensitivity, where is the piercing and how recent is it?

Follow these tips for working with piercings:

  • Do not use any chemical peel directly over the piercing.
  • Do be sensitive and courteous if you ask a client to remove facial jewelry. You can say, “Would you like me to work around your piercing, or will you be removing it?” This will let clients know the options and choose for themselves; respect their wishes.
  • Do keep it well away from any pierced area. The acid blend can seep into other areas and risk injury to surrounding tissue, they can also corrode metal jewelry if it is left in during the treatment.
  • Do use Aquaphor or Vaseline over the pierced area to provide an additional barrier.
  • Do not use chemical peels on any patient’s who have had a new piercing or an unhealed piercing.

Key Take-Away: Engaging your patient in the care allows them to be unique individuals while you are safely and effectively providing them their care.

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