Dr. Parks Loves VI Derm!

I’ve been practicing dermatology in Columbus, Ohio for over 30 years and at this point in my career, I’ve pretty much seen it all. When patients come into my office, they’re typically looking to be treated for a specific concern or problem. Regardless of what that issue is, I know that what the patient does at home can help to further enhance what we’ve done in the office for them. I’ve sold many different skin care brands over the years, some of which we’ve kept around, and others not for various reasons.

VI Derm is a newer brand that we started selling once my family launched our e-commerce website, DermWarehouse. It was one of the first brands we started carrying on the site and the more I learned about the brand and products, the more I liked them and the more I started recommending them to my patients. While I love all of the VI Derm products, I do, of course, have some favorites:

VI Derm Cleanser

Everyone can use a good cleanser, and this one happens to be excellent. I love that it’s Aloe Vera-based and packed with antioxidants. It doesn’t strip your skin of natural moisture and it’s a fair price point for a larger than average cleanser.

VI Derm Exfoliating Body Lotion

This body lotion with 15% Glycolic Acid plus Azelaic Acid will exfoliate the skin for a more even skin tone. It’s brightening and hydrating and my patients love the exfoliation that this body lotion provides. It smells great (like citrus) and is perfect for dry skin.

VI Derm HQ Plus and Clear HQ Free

One of the concerns that patients come to me with most often is sun damage or dark spots/age spots on their skin. Of course, I tell every single one of my patients that sunscreen is the most important part of any skin care regimen, as this is the only way to prevent future sun damage and also the only way to ensure current sun damage isn’t getting worse. To help lighten dark spots, however, VI Derm has great options, one with hydroquinone and one without. The Clear HQ Free uses Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Retinol, Licorice Root Extract and Arbutin (which is a derivative of hydroquinone), which are all very powerful skin lightening and brightening ingredients. While it can take some time to see results when you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation (remember you are trying to get rid of spots that come from a lifetime of sun damage), these products really do work and my patients have been happy with the results.

Dr. Parks

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